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Inspired By Films | The 1980s Part One

It’s no surprise that we at Vintage and Prestige loves all things that evoke an époque and the 1980s, no matter how the vagaries of time has judged, had a fashion impact that far exceeds any other (to debate!).

We’ll cover the fashion element in another article, but as kids and teens of the eighties, we remember the films were… amazing. From Ferris Buller’s Day Off, Die Hard, Beverley Hills Cop, Top Gun, Cocktail, Weekend At Bernie’s, Back to the Future, Scarface, through to Wall Street, there really was something for everyone. We’ve left off most of James Bond, as really, this article will come soon… as expected.

Watches In Film


watches in filmsWith a degree of measured retrospect, and as avid watch spotters, its hard not to see the (borderline) genius of the wardrobe departments’ choices for the lead characters. The outfits were epic, no matter how crazed you might look today, trying to emulate the vest and sweat combo of Bruce Willis or even Gordon Gekko’s frankly amazing suits.

Finding a choice of watch which might nod to your love of all things Eighties is far easier and actually incredibly enlightening. Ferris’ girlfriend Sloane, with that all American cowgirl and shorts combo, was sporting a Must De Cartier Tank, the vermeil choice of all aspiring fashionistas.

If any ladies watch stands the test of time, and can accompany you during a daring getaway from creepy Ed Rooney to an art gallery, the restaurant your beau’s dad dines at, and on to a ball game, as well as a city parade (Von Steuben Day if we are really being pedantic) , the Must De Cartier is the go-to choice. Now rare to find in the condition that Sloane wore, we seem to sell these within minutes of them landing. This example, we sold in a day.

films in watch 2The Eighties were also remembered for being the decade that cemented brand awareness, reflecting the aspirations of the upwardly mobile generation.

When Bruce Willis’ John Maclean attends his estranged wife Holly’s work party, he is shown her new watch, gifted by the Nakatomi Corporation. “Its a Rolex” he is arrogantly told by her colleague Harry. I consider it likely the Rolex survived the fall better than Hans Gruber during the finale. The Rolex Lady Datejust is as much an item of beauty today as it was then. We have the same model for sale (albeit without the skyscraper fall damage).

To be continued...