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Vintage & Prestige Fine Jewellery Collection

We are delighted to announce the online launch of the “Vintage & Prestige Fine Jewellery Collection”, operating as a complement to our accessories line. This collection stands apart, curating and retailing exclusively selected pre-owned rings, necklaces, ear-rings and other items set with the world's finest and rarest stones.

We work with some of the most experienced valuers and appraisers in the jewellery business to assess and distinguish our items prior to retailing, and are delighted to launch with a wide variety. All of our products may come with an appraisal, likely exceeding the sale price, as we aim to offer value for money.

Looking forward to 2021, we are already delighted about our first overseas exhibition in Monaco, at the Monaco Classic Grand Prix as partner of the Historics auction. More of which to follow!

I hope that you find our Vintage & Prestige Fine Jewellery collection as exciting and compelling as we do. We have worked tirelessly to launch our initial collection, and we will be adding more as time goes by. Please be assured, our desire to select, acquire, and retail the most wonderful wristwatches and accessories remains unchanged.

Thank you for taking the time to share our news, we remain, as ever, open to assist with your requirements.

Warmest wishes
On behalf of the team vintageandprestige.com