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Wimbledon and Watches | Tennis and Time

Since 1978, Rolex have been the official timekeeper at Wimbledon. Possibly the most associated sponsorship in sports, the Rolex crown and clocks have become so embedded in the tennis championship’s televised coverage, it would be hard to imagine the timekeeping replaced by another manufacturer.

Rolex have strong associations with yachting, motorsports as well and we have considered what timepieces could add value to your summer wardrobe.

Wimbledon and Watches

Rolex Submariner gold or gold & steel (reference 16613 16618 116613 116618) with blue dial and bezel: Arguably the best summer watch (for V&P's Andrew) the blue dial evokes sun and sea, so this watch is perfectly at home on the water, in the water or propping up a bar near the water. Water resistant and durable, the gold Submariners exude practical glamour.

Rolex Datejust

Take a simple Rolex Datejust in steel, and you are following in Roger Federer’s steps, as he was spotted with a Datejust II on many occasions, likely owning to his ambassadorship for Rolex. Upgrade to a vintage Daytona for the evening as he does.

Omega Speedmaster

Ignoring the Moon Watch, and opting for a special edition or limited production run, such as this Rattrapante, with split second timing, and you are master of the race track, or the school sports day. The carbon fibre dial looks superb au soleil.

Tag Heuer

Beach watches needn’t be limited to Casio or Swatch (As admittedly we recommend) . Picking a pre-owned Tag Heuer, such as this 2000 Exclusive with polished case and bracelet, and you have your mobile mirror to reflect the sun as well as a grey dive watch. One which, incidentally, is just at home in the evenings.

Breitling Superocean

Take one vintage inspired dive watch, with modern day size, and you can evoke your own James Bond moment. This example is extremely keenly priced.

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Whatever your choice, wishing you a sporting and enjoyable summer from all at Vintage & Prestige