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Vintage And Prestige Christmas Raffle

For each purchase over £1000 made between 1st December 2016 and 21st December 2016, you will receive an individual raffle ticket.

The Vintage & Prestige raffle will be drawn on 5th January 2017.

1st prize £500 Vintage & Prestige voucher

2nd prize a Mont Blanc pen

3rd prize a Tiffany & Co. keyring

You will be notified by email on 5th January 2017 if you have won.

Terms & Conditions:

Raffle Tickets (ticket/ tickets)
1. Eligibility for a ticket is subject to a purchase over £1000 between 1st December 2016 and 21st December 2016 (midnight UK time) and which is not returned within our return period. Returned items will have the issued ticket cancelled.
2. There are no limits to the number of tickets available to an individual customer as each individual purchase will come with a ticket.
3. Vintage & Prestige will keep a log of each ticket number issued to each customer.
4. After the draw all ticket holders will be notified and results will be added to our January 2017 newsletter.


The £500 Vintage & Prestige voucher has a validity until 1/12/17 and may be used to purchase any item from the Vintage & Prestige website. In the event the purchase is of a lower value than the voucher, a separate voucher will be issued to the value of the difference. No cash alternative is available.

The £500 voucher is not transferrable to a third party and may only be redeemed by the winning ticket holder.

The Mont Blanc pen and Tiffany & Co.  keyring are brand new items bought by Vintage & Prestige for the benefit of the raffle. These items are not for sale by Vintage & Prestige and no cash alternative is available.

All prizes will be posted to the winning ticket holders on 6th January 2017.


Vintage & Prestige are offering this raffle in the interest of festive fun and no financial offering is implied or given in lieu of the aforementioned prizes.

If you are aware of a reason why you are ineligible to participate in the raffle, or would prefer to opt out, please let Vintage & Prestige know before you purchase, or if you would like the ticket invalidated before 31st December 2016.

Tickets will be drawn on 5th January 2017 as a random selection.

V&P will identify winners by initial, such as “A.B., UK”.

Items purchased and returned within the statutory period, 14 days, will have the ticket invalidated.
All other terms and conditions remain the same as our terms and conditions on our website, www.vintageandprestige.com