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Special Editions For Jewellers

Panerai RadiomirFor a long time, prestigious jewellery retailers co-branded the watches they sold. Famously, Tiffany & Co would co-sign the Rolex, Patek Phillipe (and others) watches that were sold through the Tiffany & Co boutiques. Today such pieces command a premium for their rarity.

There are other rare pieces which were produced for jewellers. Here we talk about two such watches currently for sale at time of writing.

Panerai for Wempe:

Wempe are one of the leading Panerai retailers, and were amongst the first to seize upon Panerai 's relaunch in the late 1990s by becoming authorised dealers. When Wempe celebrated 100 years of being in business, it seemed a natural choice to commission Panerai to produce a limited edition range for this milestone. The watch for sale is a Radiomir, and one of only 125 made. Complete with certificate and all accoutrements, this really is an everyday limited edition which will distinguish the wearer.

Tudor for Harrods:

London’s  most recognisable department store is synonymous with green and gold. Tudor produced a special edition green bezelled and gold dialled Black Bay for Harrods, which was so popular it sold out instantly, and was reissued as a special edition with waiting list. Arguably the most attractive Black Bay, with a little echo of its Kermit and Hulk relative, the Tudor for Harrods is still one of the most in demand watches in collectors’ circles.