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Omega Speedmaster | My Love For The Moon Watch

Omega Speedmaster MoonwatchI’ve owned an Omega Speedmaster (or at least one Speedmaster) for the last twenty years. I’ve bought, been given, traded and sold Automatic Reduced models, vintage Moon watches, modern Moonwatches, Broad Arrows, as well as limited editions. Perhaps the rarest of all was one of 57 in yellow gold produced in commemoration of 50 years of the Speedmaster, but the white dialled Speedy Automatic which we sold recently was one I’d never seen in real life before, having only ogled Fratello’s site.

Speedy collecting is a dangerous thing. Arguably, any “Speedmaster Professional”, the first (“And only”) watch worn on the moon, visibly differs little today to the ones strapped to the astronauts’ arms. However, like all collecting, its the little variations which make all the difference. By no means, would this brief blog entry add much to the wealth of information on other sites, but I wanted to mention a couple of Speedmasters we have bought and sold recently.

I’ve mentioned the white reduced already because it was so perfectly complete. Similarly, the Apollo XI from 1999. Only viewing the case back shows that this is a limited edition. It shares the same dial and bracelet as the 1999 “regular” Speedmaster we have in stock (at time of writing). The ultimate stealth speedy? We bought and sold a lovely 1980s Speedy with long “S” and long “R”. Its not on our site, we sold it (like many others) before it was photographed, but see our instagram feed for a couple of shots. Perfectly simple, the font is engaging and the tritium was wonderfully creamed.

Earlier in the year, and last year as well, we sold various Alaska Projects, and other limited runs. The value of these editions has grown no end, have a look where they are now.

This years “Speedy Tuesday” limited editions are selling for (well advertised at least!) for almost double the list price.

Ed Whites and Straight written case backs command a premium, correctly so. Finding a good one is the challenge today.

The strange thing is, no matter how similar they may look, its the variation that appeals… I genuinely miss a number of watches I and we have sold over the years, but some of the Speedys more than most.