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BBC’s Night Manager

louis vuitton vintage jewelleryThe Night Manager, on BBC1, screening on a Sunday at 9pm is a diary-blocker. We have been absolutely captivated by this adaptation of John Le Carre’s book.

Spotting the Vintage & Prestige link may seem obtuse at first, but let’s begin with our love of the most erudite of good guy / bad guy couplings for many years.

The acting is first class, as should be expected with the great Hugh Laurie’s return to the screen, in this least expected guise: the most charming and menacing villain imaginable, Richard Roper.

Tom Hiddleston is giving the longest audition to be the next Bond and he has our votes in abundance. If Jonathan Pine became James Bond, we’d be very happy.

It’s the details in this mini-series that we love as well, amply demonstrating the reported £3 million per episode budget.

The use of location is spectacular ranging from Cairo (well, the Es Saadi resort in Marrakech) to the glory of Zermatt and “that” house (fort) in Mallorca. The lavish Riva boat scene overshadows the gems sitting in Richard Roper’s fleet of classic cars; an Aston Martin DB2 and a Jaguar XK120 and Tom Hiddleston’s Jonathan Pine rode a racy Triumph motorcycle in Devon.

Elizabeth Debicki plays Roper’s girlfriend Jed, who channels the Great Gatsby look with flair. Sitting on Roper’s wrist is a rose gold IWC Spitfire.

audemars piguet vintage watchThe wardrobe of Jed is a highlight, but the gentlemen hold their own, from the linen shirt, suit combos worn by Roper’s gang, to Pine’s impeccable suits as the Night Manager and later elegant summer wear and not forgetting David Harewood, as Joel Steadman in the CIA, who sports a suede jacket/ chino combo with flair.

Its a sumptuously prestige spectacle, with a peppering of vintage style. Have we justified our V&P link? Maybe, maybe not, but we love the series enough to shout about it!

Inspired by the Night Manager’s wardrobe, we’d suggest a designer necklace from LV? It would certainly bring a modern splash to a vintage ensemble.

Or an Audemars Piguet Edward Piguet Chronograph in pink gold? The villain may have a large rose gold timepiece, but good guys wear them too.

Or a Rolex Seadweller, perfect if you find yourself locked in a luxury mansion and needing to swim away?
We don’t have a sports boat or sports car for sale though…