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Choosing Limited Edition Watches

omega speedmaster ultramanIt seems as if another limited edition, or numbered edition, watch is introduced every other month, and very much the case with Omega Speedmasters.

Whilst the variety and choice of limited editions may seem bewildering, there really is scope to select a statement piece which differs from other peoples. The two key drivers for acquiring limited edition watches, regardless of manufacturer seem to be :

Individuality. There may be endless productions of regular Speedys or Seamaster, but choosing an Apollo or Ultraman distinguishes the wearer as a connoisseur.

Investment and the investment potential is certainly clear, with a significant number of limited editions gaining in value aggressively over time, note particularly the Alaska project.

What to Look For When Choosing Limited Edition Watches

Firstly, we suggest looking  for a watch that the wearer likes first of all. After all, they are intended to be worn! Taste, whilst subjective, combined with uniqueness is a great start, ideally inspired by or tributing a classic helps.

Secondly, a limited edition which is exactly that. 5007, 10007 examples isn't that limited really.

Lastly, a limited edition which means something significant and is attractive to other wearers.

We were fortunate enough to source, stock and sell two Ultraman Speedmasters “Speedy Tuesday", both ticked all the above suggestions and priced sensibly, both sold swiftly and found tasteful and lucky new custodians.

The next element to add a little confusion to the mix is collaborations and customisations. We’ll leave in-depth analysis for both for other articles, but we will flag up the most attractive and unique collaboration, which is also a limited edition, and which we have sourced recently (and available for sale at time of writing). And shock. It’s not an Omega.

In 2019, IWC, collaborating with The Rake and Revolution magazine, launched The Pilot reference IW324019.

We are not going to plagiarise the beautifully written description of the watch when launched but to highlight a couple of quite unique features which answer our ‘how to choose’ recommendations…

iwc x the rake and revolutionThe IWC Rake is same dimensions as the original Pilot, which also uniquely has a bronze case which will patinate over time to be a properly unique piece.

The military green dial (the first green dial IWC) is stunning and perfectly embodies the military heritage of the Pilot. With a choice of three extremely high quality straps, the icing on the cake is the George Cleverly leather.

Made from 1786 (yes really!) reindeer hide, found in the seabed and preserved perfectly. The aroma of the leather is quite something, think 1950s sports car but better!

IWC X The Rake X Revolution is a limited edition of 150 pieces. Yes, they sold out promptly!

This is an attractive watch, of classical dimensions. Arguably, there is a return to classically dimensioned watches, this is pre-empting the trend.