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Inspired By Film | The 1980s Part Three

Al Pacino made Scarface and the white suit and his little friend may make the most memorable scene, however during the height of his meteoric rise as a gangland boss, the detail makes the man. His ride was the Porsche 928 (there’s a theme here) and his watch was a wild Omega. If this is a little gauche for today’s wear, a vintage Omega Electronic would do the trick.

Vintage Watches In Film

Wall Street is perhaps the most iconic film of the Eighties, with more quotes and memorable scenes than any other, and referenced heavily in Boiler Room, the Wolf of Wall Street, and Money Never Dies, and all throughout it is Gekko’s costumes which frequently steal the scene. Perhaps unexpectedly, instead of the ubiquitous Rolex, he wears an eighteen carat Cartier Santos, and Bud Fox ‘earns’ his Cartier Panthere through his misguided and dodgy dealing. Interestingly, in the sequel, Money Never Sleeps, the Cartier features again before being replaced by a more zeitgeist IWC.

vintage watch in filmJames Bond predominantly wore Seiko throughout the Eighties but when Timothy Dalton entered the lead role in The Living Daylights he initially wears a black military PVD Tag Heuer in Gibraltar and then a Rolex Submariner Date in the latter part of the film, which he also wears in Licence to Kill. Given the era, its likely to have been a Rolex Submariner 16800, now known as the transitional submariner date.

In Summary, regardless of budget, living the Eighties dream never came cheaper. The cars may now be modern classics, with prices outpacing even the wildest expectations, but there are horological icons of the Eighties that can be achieved from £20 to £20,000. If you feel inspired, our picks would be;
Casio Digital (calculator optional) for the aspiring time traveller or streetwise cop.

Rolex DayDate or Yellow Gold Cartier Santos for the Eighties Wall Street Raider or Style Guru.
Rolex Datejust for the reward for the work you have done. Just don’t let the bad guy get a grip on it.

Cartier Must de Cartier for the fashionista who appreciates tradition and elegance.

Porsche Design for the all action hero who owns the Danger Zone.

Also consider these wonderful Ebels, the most underrated watch around today. Miami Vice’s crew seemed to like, once the Rolex was replaced.