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The Bargain Rolex Daytona

Rolex Daytona 16523Bit of an oxymoron that. Rolex Daytona are quite possibly the most desired watch in the world. Well known waiting lists, and regular celebrity spots has added to the myth of the Daytona. However, there is one Daytona that strikes us as ludicrously undervalued.

The bicolor/ bicolour Daytona, whether a 16523 Zenith movement or 116523 Rolex movement, trails its all steel and all gold sibling in the secondary market by some way. There are two methods for viewing this as a bargain and one way of securing the bargain.

The view 1:

Simply put, the new RRP for a Rolex Daytona at time of writing is £9100 (steel), £12400 (gold/steel) and £25550 (yellow gold) if you forgo a diamond dial.

Secondary price with papers & box (give or take a little) £8500-15k (steel), £7000-12k (gold and steel) and £15k to list for yellow gold. This ignores very rare dials, bezels etc.

The view 2:

For the average watch spotter, even the cheapest gold and steel Daytona will look like a twelve grand watch (at least). The recognition factor is there without the overt bling of the all gold.

The way:

If you have decided this is one bargain you can’t be without, choose a good one. We say this about all of our watches, and frankly, prize condition over papers. We just sold listed a Zenith 16523 in immaculate condition, without papers at £8295 and it sold in a day. A similar steel Zenith would have been listed over £10,000. There are some over used examples in the market, so be choosy, like we are.

And a final consideration, with these steel and gold versions, the choice of dial is also compelling. Opt for crisp white, elegant black, the glitz of gold, or stunning slate, or seek out a diamond dial or later series racing dial.

Happy hunting, we cannot see prices trailing the rest of the Daytona family for long.