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Are Watches A Good Investment (Part 1)

are watches a good investmentOne of the most frequent questions we get asked (amongst others!) is, are watches a good investment?

We firmly believe that any watch is a good investment if you connect to the watch.

As committed watch enthusiasts and collectors (pre-dating Vintage & Prestige by some way) the love for a particular model or brand will often outweigh the monetary value of the watch. We’ll be exploring this in detail in our future blogs, as well as talking to some collectors about why they collect, and sharing some insights….one of our biggest pleasures during the working day…

However (the big however), certain watches seem ridiculously good value for money, given their current prices in the pre-owned market, versus their counterparts and their new equivalent prices.

We have been talking about Omega Seamasters for some time. Immensely robust and ideal for daily use, the ‘James Bond’ version is the most popular but we favour the Seamaster 300m Chronograph.

Of the five we bought in 2014, four were sold but one was kept and is regularly being used and enjoyed because we like them THAT much. We will have more coming soon.

Here’s the controversial bit. We are recent converts to being 1990s Omega Seamaster lovers. In all honesty we’ve seen these as all too common and second to a Rolex Submariner, but something happened while wearing one in the winter sun.

The blue wave dial is hugely endearing and the design has aged terrifically well. The red tips to the chrono hands can fade giving a great patina. The weight of the watch is significant, it wears like a £4k watch and the bracelet feels like it could survive anything. Its dressy but not flash. It looks great with a suit and even better with a ski suit.

The black dial Seamaster GMT is ultra discreet and the rare white dials on the 300m Chronograph and America’s Cup are crisp and clean, offering a larger than life appearance whilst still retaining that subtlety.

For us, James Bond wears a Rolex, but we are not James Bond. The Omega Seamaster is arguably the best everyday watch for under £2k. Prices range from £800+ for a Quartz James Bond (the type worn in Goldeneye) but the V&P tip is to look out for originality. If box and papers are there, great, but Omega boxes from the 1990s and early 2000s wear out quicker than almost any others so check the case and bracelet for scratches. If they are there, its likely to have been worn regularly and not an over polished example which loses that patina and originality.

Like anything, if it seems good value, it probably is. But buy the best you can afford and enjoy it. Chances are, with these watches, it will be worth more in two years time, than you have paid in 2016.

Will you sell it then? Our sportsman’s bet (or sportswoman’s bet.. depending on which V&P member you are speaking to) is that if you’ve connected to it, then you won’t sell. Next up will be dive watches and dress watches as an investment, watch this space...