• German Zeiss 12×60 – Polished F168_5
  • German Zeiss 12×60 – Polished F168_3
  • German Zeiss 12×60 – Polished F168_14
  • German Zeiss 12×60 – Polished F168_13
  • German Zeiss 12×60 – Polished F168_12
  • German Zeiss 12×60 – Polished F168_9
  • German Zeiss 12×60 – Polished F168_8
  • German Zeiss 12×60 – Polished F168_7

Zeiss WW2 era Anti Aircraft binoculars

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German WW2 12 x 60 Binoculars: These Zeiss Binoculars were primarily used by Luftwaffe Flak Artillery ground crews for spotting and identifying enemy aircraft and directing the crew served Rangefinders, Searchlights and Flak Cannons of the Anti-Aircraft batteries based around many German and occupied ports, cities and industrial centres. Due to their superb optics they naturally also proved useful on the battlefield for tactical observation and from the outset of 1939 were used in many theatres of war by the German Army. Presented here are an great set of binoculars, manufactured by Zeiss bearing the marker of 'BLC 12 x 60' , BLC being the wartime supplier code for Carl Zeiss Jena . They are fitted with adjustable and variable light shades (marked verres colore) for use in all daytime and darker light conditions and have the later war style rain shield (helpful for eyeglass wearers too), as well lever dropped convertible aluminium barrel, for additional night/ day usage. They have exceptional optics with the 12 indicating the degree of magnification and the 60 indicating the 6 cm optic width. They have been professionally stripped, restored and serviced before being hand polished and mounted on a modern and bespoke high quality cradle with wood and polished metal fully adjustable tripod stand. Specification: Binocular 22cm high , 47cm long , 45cm wide, stand adjustable from 130cm to 180cm.