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WW1 Artillery Director (no.5 Mk1)

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A very rare and well preserved World War 1 era (1914-18) Director No 5 Mark 1 brass artillery director theodolite gun sight, (reference no.5 mk1) complete with wooden transit case.  These were originally issued to British military forward advance for the setting the elevation and angle of heavy artillery during World War 1. This military and scientific instrument presents a fine and highly functional display piece.  Unlike conventual theodolites it provides an upright - rather than an inverted image - which means that it can be used like a normal telescope. The instrument and wooden case retain their original military markings, including the British military broad arrow ( the Crow's Foot) mark and serial numbers.

As displayed: 40cm wide, 30cm high, 20cm wide

transit case: 45cm long, 22cm wide, 25cm high


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