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Rolex Orchid Chameleon 9303

ref W2355 /


  • YEAR 1961
  • CASE 18K Yellow Gold
  • BRACELET choice


Presented in outstanding condition, our vintage and rare ladies Rolex Orchid Chameleon, reference 9303, with 18k yellow gold case, comes as a complete set, with two straps (one used, one new) correct Rolex Orchid Cameleon pink Oyster box, and papers dated 1961. This watch was retailed in 1961 in Benghazi, Libya, by Ben Saoud, who remain Libya's only Rolex dealer, and also UK import papers, also dated 1961 and complete. A unique opportunity with historical importance, given the selling country's turbulent past, our Rolex Orchid would be a worthy addition to any serious Rolex collection. The unique style of the Orchid Cameleon offers a superb vintage cocktail or evening watch.


  • BRACELET Max 180mm
  • CONDITION Outstanding
  • CASE 20mm