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Rolex GMT Master II 16710

ref W1226 /


  • MAN REF 16710
  • YEAR 2003
  • CASE Stainless Steel
  • BRACELET Stainless Steel
  • MOVEMENT Automatic


Our Rolex GMT Master II, reference 16710 in stainless steel, is presented in outstanding original condition, and comes as a complete set, with inner and outer box, GMT Master booklet, green wallet with UK authorised dealer (Goldsmiths) stamp and sale date of December 2003 and 2004 / 2005 calendar. Also included is the swing tag with matching serial number, Y****. The condition of this example is far above average, with thick unpolished lugs and solid end links. The clasp is a flip lock and the red and black bezel also known as the 'coke' is faded which adds a lovely patina. A replacement new Rolex bezel can be fitted at point of sale if desired.


  • BRACELET max 195mm
  • CONDITION Outstanding
  • CASE 40


Introduced in 1954 through a collaboration with Pan Am airways, the GMT Master was designed to measure two timezones. The red arrow hand indicates the second timezone which can be adjusted by rotating the bezel. In 1989 the GMT Master II was introduced with a quick set hour hand which could be adjusted as a timezone was crossed. The classic models were discontinued in 2007. Given the enormous length of the model's history, this model has featured in many iconic films and on celebrities including: Clint Eastwood, Marlon Brando, Honor Blackman (as Pussy galore), Bruce Reynolds, Tom Selleck (as Magnum PI), Che Guevera, Jackie Stewart and many NASA astronauts.