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Natural colourless Sapphire ring 17.6ct

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A unique piece within our carefully curated Vintage & Prestige fine jewellery collection, we are delighted to present the following:

Our phenomenal and large 17.6ct sapphire solitaire ring is fitted to a 18k white gold mount, is a natural colourless stone, and comes with a certificate noting the above characteristics of the sapphire.

The ring size is M1/2

This is an exceptionally rare sapphire. It would be difficult to find another comparable to this piece.

All of our Vintage & Prestige jewellery comes with a presentation box and purchases over £1000 may come with an appraisal letter which will state a new replacement value, in many instances this will be a higher amount than our selling price. This follows by post, in the name of the buyer.
Please allow 14 days after purchase date.