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Jos Schneider & Co German WW2 anti-aircraft Binoculars

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WW2 10 x 80 Binoculars by Jos Schneider & Co (Germany). 

These Jos Schneider & Co DKL Binoculars were utilised by Luftwaffe Flak Artillery ground crews for spotting and identifying enemy aircraft with the intent of directing the crew served Rangefinders, Searchlights and Flak Cannons of the Anti-Aircraft batteries based around many German and occupied ports, cities and industrial centres. Due to their superb optics they naturally also proved useful on the battlefield for tactical observation and from the outset of 1939 were used in many theatres of war by the German Army. 

Presented here are a rare and desirable set of binoculars, manufactured by Jos Schneider & co bearing the marker of 'DKL DF 10 80'. Pursuant military direction, post 1940, with the augmentation of combat, all origination of equipment was coded, DKL being the manufacturer code, and DF shorthand for Doppelfernrohr (double telescopics) . Each of the optics may be individually adjusted for focus and clarity. Of note, these are fitted with light filters which rotate internally by command of the switch to the top left offering Klar, Dunkel, Mittel, Hell options (translated: clear/ dark/ medium/ light) for use in different light conditions day and night and even into relatively direct sunlight. These were amongst the very finest binoculars available to German forces, they have exceptional optics with the 10 indicating the degree of magnification and the 80 indicating the 6 cm optic width. Jos Schneider & Co is an optics company, based in Bad Kreuznach, Rhineland, and is one of the world's leading manufacturer of photographic lenses, industrial optics and cinematic products (oscar winning) and precision products, and was a key supplier for Hasselblad.

They have been professionally stripped and serviced before being hand polished and mounted on a bespoke modern and high quality cradle with wood and metal aluminium stand. 

Specification: Binocular 22cm high , 48cm long , 45cm wide, stand adjustable from 130cm to 180cm.