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Japanese 15 x 80 WW2 Naval Binoculars by Toko

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Japanese WW2 15 x 80 Naval Binoculars by Toko. 

Japanese binoculars were (and are) notable for the superior optics, those being utilised by the Japanese navy throughout WW2 were the most sophisticated and best engineered in period. Whilst many wartime naval forces began to develop and use radar detection , the Japanese preferred to use known surveillance and were reliant on optics. Tokyo Optical (Toko) were, along with Fuji and Nikon, the largest military suppliers of binoculars. 

Presented here are a very rare and WW2 era set of binoculars, manufactured by Toko bearing the marker of 15 x 80 4 degrees, and an early serial number in steel and brass. These were obsessively precision engineered with demanding design criteria. They have amongst the world's best optics with the 15 indicating the degree of magnification and the 80 indicating the 8 cm optic width and a 4 degree incline of the eyepieces, designed specifically for viewing the horizon across the sea with the maximum possible light.

They have been professionally stripped and serviced before being beautifully hand polished and mounted on a modern and bespoke high quality cradle with wood and polished fully adjustable tripod stand. 

Specification: Binocular 28cm high , 48cm long , 22cm wide, stand adjustable from 130cm to 180cm.