• JC2775

Brooch, bow tied 2.5ct in platinum

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A unique piece within our carefully curated Vintage & Prestige fine jewellery collection, we are delighted to present the following:

Our stunning and individual diamond brooch in the style of a tied bow, is set in platinum, set with baguette and brilliant cut diamonds, totalling an eat 2.5ct. Wonderfully proportioned, this brooch measures as follows: height 3.5cm, top width 3cm, bottom width 2.5cm, diagonal 4.5cm.  

This is a modern piece, which we date to 21st century, in the style of the decadent 20s. Truly outstanding quality, this would suit day wear, evening wear and can be dressed as desired. A signature piece of jewellery for a discerning wearer.

All of our Vintage & Prestige jewellery comes with a presentation box and purchases over £1000 may come with an appraisal letter which will state a new replacement value, in many instances this will be a higher amount than our selling price. This follows by post, in the name of the buyer. Please allow 14 days after purchase date.